Who Likes Fried Chicken?


Who doesn’t like fried chicken?  Especially on the Fourth of July?  Well, listen up!  The Pot Luck just got better!

Hometown America has graciously agreed to furnish the fried chicken for the evening Pot Luck!  Thank you Tammy!  The rest of us will provide the salads, baked beans, rolls, green bean casseroles, veggies, and desserts.  If you’ve already signed up and offered to bring a meat dish, you’re welcome to change your mind OR you can still stick to your original plan.  Everyone likes a choice.

This tweak in our plans means it is now more imperative than ever that you sign up in advance to come.  We certainly don’t want to run out of chicken because someone didn’t think they had to sign up.  (And yes, we will be checking names.)  The absolute last day to sign up is noon, July 1.

So sign up and come.  The Diversions Committee is providing the plates, silverware, and water cups.  Please bring your own beverage and any serving utensil your food dish needs.  There will be a 50/50 raffle, so bring a little cash !

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