Tanglewood Art League June 2018 Artist of the Month

Tanglewood Art League June Artist of the Month

Kathy Keller, Artist


You can’t help but smile at Kathy Keller’s painting titled: Clown Shoes. The artwork was a gift to her cousin who adores clowns.

Kathy Keller has always appreciated artists and their work, and two years ago decided to try her hand at painting. She took studio lessons from a very talented and very patient local artist.

At age 75 Kathy feels fulfilled with the art she creates. Although she struggles at times Kathy is enamored with painting and gains valuable experience and insights into the creative process with each canvas completed. We applaud her tenacity and are pleased that she is our June Artist of the Month.

Kathy likes to paint the beauty found in landscape settings, such as this piece titled: Santa Rosa Beach House in the Florida Panhandle.

Kathy offered some insights into what she likes to paint and what inspires her. In Kathy’s words:

“My paintings are of subjects or scenes that I treasure and desire to express on canvas. I always look to paint subjects that I haven’t tried before – my most recent is of Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska. I don’t have a canvas being painted all the time. I wait until I see the right scene or object – painting does not come easy for me. I have to put considerable planning and effort into the work.

I am inspired by travel. One of my favorite trips was to Claude Monet’s house and gardens in Paris. I love his work and was so happy to see the same flowers and trees planted in his gardens that he included in his paintings. Of course the Louvre is filled with the great masters’ works but it was special to see Monet’s paintings and gardens.

On my bucket list are trips to the Chicago Art Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City – maybe someday!”

This painting, of a window, is from a tumble down farm house in Illinois. You can sense Kathy’s inspiration – the French Impressionism painters, Monet and Degas, who sought to record the sensory effect of a scene. She puts emphasis on ordinary subject matter, visible brush strokes, color and light.



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