Update on July 4

Ooh! Aah!

Hurray for the Red White, and Blue!  If there is a retirement community anywhere in Florida with more rah-rah patriotic spirit than Tanglewood I do not know where it is.  Be proud!

The traditional Golf Cart Parade will start out from the Clubhouse at 9 AM.  Veterans – we want you up front. As you come up to the building tell the attendant that  you’re a Vet and you’ll be shown up to a place of honor.  Please come around 8:30 to set your cart in place, then  you can go wait inside.

Everyone else – you’ll be riding behind the Vets.  Decorate your carts if you want to, but it is NOT required.  The route will be posted in the lobby and by the Credenza, so you can see which streets will be run and which will be skipped.  The route is shorter than the Christmas Parade due to the hot weather.

Then we all go home to rest until the Pot Luck at 5:30.  Since Hometown America is providing fried chicken for all of us it is Really Really IMPORTANT that you sign up in advance!  The signup sheet is on the Credenza.  Diversions Committee is providing the plates, silverware, and napkins, but you will bring your own drink.  What to contribute?  Potato salad, cole slaw, macaroni salad, fruit, small buns/rolls, baked beans, deviled eggs, hot vegetables, green salad, and desserts.  One more thing:  Bring the serving utensil needed for your dish.

There will be a 50/50 raffle, watch for one of Diversions’ special surprises there!

Diversions is a small committee, and we would appreciate anyone who offered to help in any way.  Contact Donna Scorse or Shirley Kabet for information .  And many thanks!

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