Let’s Talk, Tanglewood!

Manager Tammy Martin

As I arrived for today’s Let’s Talk Tanglewood meeting, I was immediately impressed with the number of golf carts and cars outside the clubhouse. Obviously this was going to be a well attended event. And most informative, as well. HTA staff present: Tammy, Gary, Billie, Candy, and Jay.

Tammy opened the meeting at 2:00pm sharp and reviewed accomplishments to date:

List of Capital Improvements completed (to date) for 2018:

  • New furniture for the upper/lower veranda at the clubhouse
  • New truck for maintenance
  • 150 new chairs for Community and Craft rooms at clubhouse
  • New (tank-less) hot water heater for comfort stations in Outback.

List of Capital Improvements underway:

  • New Chipping and Putting Greens have been installed.  Thoughts of having a Chipping and Putting contest in August. Date TBA
  • Accoustiblok fencing for pickle-ball courts (received but not installed yet).  They will install the first recommended tier now and are waiting to see the improvement before installing the second tier.

List of Capital Improvements upcoming:

  • Roads, storm drains and spillway: contract has been signed with Excavation Point. Work is scheduled to begin in August and to be complete by year end.

JOIN US!  Fun in the Sun on July 13, 2018: Staff vs residents water volleyball rematch!  Office will be closed at 1:00pm.

Office closings:

  1. July 4, all day
  2. July 13, closing at 1:00 for water volleyball match
  3. September 2, all day, Labor Day

The floor was opened for questions/items of discussion:

  1. Projector and new screens, tech committee. Not approved for 2018
  2. Can the time for mosquito spraying be changed since many are out walking or driving in the evening after the heat of the day. This is in the hands of Sun ‘n’ Lake but we will mention it to them.
  3. Status of fountains at the back entrance: It should be done this week. The contract has been signed. The reason for the delay is that it was not something that we could do in house.
  4. Note that in the area where employees park, one sprinkler is shooting straight up in the air and they are not working on the other side. It will be fixed this week!
  5. Could we have another bucket for dog poop by the Pickle ball courts and Tanglewood Circle?  Gary said we have two on the circle. One station has two buckets, the other has one. Another is inside the edge of the NW corner of the Activity Building. Another is by Carefree and Tanglewood Circle.
  6. Pool coping is missing: They needed someone with insurance to do this job. They have found someone and are waiting for paperwork. In addition, they had to get the coping “made” to fit in the space. Note that the color wont’ be an exact match, but it will fit!
  7. Mowing and trimming during water aerobics classes makes it impossible to hear instructions. Can they mow earlier or later? Gary has already asked mowers not to mow during regattas on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Workers forget. He is having a meeting at 10:00am tomorrow and will address this issue.
  8. The dog park needs an area 20×15 to be sodded. He said they have people who will put it down, just need the sod. Gary will deliver a pallet of sod when he can get it. Right now, they’re not cutting. He has delivered sod to the dog park several times; the dogs dig up the grass.
  9. The pavilion in the dog park is covered with mildew. Can it be power washed?  Gary will make it happen! The man who would do it is out this week, it will be done next week. Gary stated he was very respectful of being told about this problem.
  10. Shuffleboard has been very successful in getting summer players. Reminder about lights for this area since they’re playing in the evening.
  11. Is there a final date on getting blue tarped roofs repaired? Tammy said all but one are under contract for the roof to be repaired. The one not under contract is working with New Hope for help to get it done. Tammy said they are helping too.
  12. Would anyone be available to help those who have no spouses to help with hurricane preparation? Gary said one thing they had to do for the storm prep last year was to move all the wooden tables in the bash area into storage which took them hours. This wasn’t necessary and it accounted for time that could have been used to help residents. He asked that we talk to the office directly about concerns rather than going to corporate. Gary said he’s driven all the streets looking for problems.  Penny commented that no one knows where the shut ins are located in order to help them. She reminded us that everyone should have up to date information at the office regarding phone numbers, who to contact in an emergency, etc. Pam reminded us that there are Special Needs Forms and its ok to use that for people who are shut-ins. HOA Charley Coupe will send out an email blast. HOA knows who does not have email.
  13. Suggestion that the sound barrier fence be located about 8 feet from the pickle-ball courts to allow air to circulate instead of boxing in the courts. It would still stop the sound.  Statement was also made that hearing is damaged at 80 decibels and the pickle-ball sounds are at 70 decibels so shouldn’t be a problem except to complainers.

Jay Etherton, realtor, says things are going well. They have been with HTA selling real estate in the park for a year.

Gary notes the dog agility area will stay where it is and will be fenced in with lattice at the bottom to keep in the smaller dogs as well. This area doesn’t impact any homes directly and seems like a good location.

Gary also adds if you have any questions or concerns, talk to the office first. Don’t go to corporate.  Tammy is available after coffee every Monday and will accept appointments to talk to anyone any day but Wednesday.

Thanks to everyone for attending and making this a great meeting.

Next “Let’s Talk, Tanglewood!” scheduled for September 26, 2:00pm.





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