And the Winners Are…

Hurray, Hurray!

The response to the TWRTimes summer contests was gratifying.  For the Limerick contest, we had eleven


entries.  All were Tanglewood or Holiday-themed.  The winning poem was submitted by Jan DeRoller!   The prize of $25 cash was awarded on Monday, July 2 at Coffee.  Other entries were received from Jay Broker, Ed Harris, Ada Symonds, Barb VanDick, and our favorite author, Anonymous.  Thank you for participating.

The Hidden Icon contest was harder.  You were invited to search the pages of the TWRTimes and find 4 tiny eyeglass icons.  (Okay, one was right out in the open in the introductory article.)


Five people actually found all four.  Those five names were put into a hat at Monday Coffee and the winner’s name was chosen randomly.  Congratulations to Sandy Radawiec!  The other contenders were Bruce Eberley, Ken Kabet, Heather Paine, and Nancy Foley.  Thank you all for participating.

So that concludes the June contests.  We’re going to start over now for July.  More limericks!  Send your entry to , and remember, if you don’t get an acknowledgment send it again.

The icons are moving too.  This month you’re looking for a kitten, like this one: Cute little guy, isn’t he?  And he’s a good deal bigger than the eyeglasses, so you will have very little problem locating all of them.  Besides this kitten, there are 3 more hidden in the pages of the newsletter.  When you find all of them, send the exact locations to me,

Here’s Jan’s winning limerick, entitled “FLAG”
There once was a flag crisp and new
That waved and snapped when it flew.
The Fourth of July
Will never pass by
Without praise for the Red, White, and Blue.

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