Congratulations, Gary

Tammy and Gary

Park Manager Tammy Martin presented Assistant Manager Gary JnPierre a plaque of appreciation and thanks for his THIRTY THREE years of employment.

Gary started out with John Greytak in 1983, building Buttonwood Bay.  When that park was finished and they needed a new project, Tanglewood was born.

Gary’s done it all.  Those of you who haven’t been here forever never saw him bringing houses in and setting them on plots that he had marked out.  Or plotting out the swimming pool. Besides everyday chores like mowing grass and removing dead trees he also deals with vendors, licenses, contractors, sub-contractors.  You name it, he’s intimidated them.  Nicely, of course.

You don’t always agree with Gary, but you have to admit that the park we call home would be a lesser place without him.  So, Thank you Gary.


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