Tanglewood Cornhole Baseball ⚾️ Summer Slo League

Play continued with Week 5 of the Tanglewood Cornhole Baseball Summer Slo League on Wednesday evening at the clubhouse. Court set up went quickly as many pitched in to help not only before play began, but after the games with the tear down of the courts, making this fun league also about community and friendship.

Now to the action…..A two way race for top spot is center stage as both the Somebodies and Firecrackers swept their series against their opponents.

The Somebodies remained in first with a pair of wins over the slumping Grasshoppers, 14-6 and 17-8. The Grasshoppers have lost 3 straight and need to turn it around soon as they fall to third place.

Taking both ends of their games against the Dynamites, 12-7 and 7-6, the Firecrackers continue their winning ways and kept pace with the Somebodies. Two big games in hand for the Firecrackers could be the difference and vault them into top spot by the end of the regular season.

We have seen ‘Player of the Week’ and ‘Comeback of the Week’, but this week we’re going with ‘Game of the Week’. The Impossibles and Sixers both have struggled with runs this season, battled tirelessly to a 1-1 tie.  Yes sports fans our league can have a tie…..somehow. Regulation games are 6 innings, if tied only 1 extra inning will be played. The 10 run mercy rule for an inning is not in effect after the 5th inning. Voila, a tie and each team gets a point and now this reporter needs to add another column for ties in the standings……go figure!  In the second game the runs came for both teams but the Impossibles came out on top 12-7. Both teams needed help from our awesome free agents who filled in on both sides.

The Cubby Bears had the bye this week.


Standings After Aug 8th

*****************Won   Lost   Tied   Pts

Somebodies       8        2       0      16

Firecrackers       7        1       0      14

Grasshoppers     5        3       0      10

Cubby Bears       4        4       0       8

Dynamites           4        6       0       8

Impossibles         1        6       1       3

Sixers                  0        7       1       1


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