Tanglewood Cornhole Baseball ⚾️ Summer Slo League

The Tanglewood Cornhole Baseball Summer Slo League wrapped up the regular season schedule this past Wednesday setting the wheels in motion for the SUPER WEDNESDAY TOURNAMENT on Wednesday September 5th. The one night playoff finale is a single elimination tourney…..simply put, lose and your team is out.

Again a huge shout out to all the free agents who came out and filled in where needed…..and we needed you!  Summer in Tanglewood always finds residents going somewhere and doing something.

Lets get to the Week 7 rundown of games and results…..

The Grasshoppers took down the Firecrackers 4-2 in the first game, clinching 3rd place AND throwing a wrench into the Firecrackers ideas of taking 1st place overall, more about that later. The Firecrackers came alive in the second game doubling up the Grasshoppers 18-9. This matchup featured many replacement players who Im told had a blast and will be forming their own team in the new season. Great to hear!

Court 2 action saw the Cubby Bears, also with many free agents, sweep their games with the Sixers 9-8 in the first game and 8-5 in the night cap.  With the pair of wins the Cubby Bears secure 4th seed and home court in their first round matchup vs the Dynamites.

In the Court 3 matchup low scores dominated as the Impossibles surprised the Dynamites 4-3 in the opener. The finale had another surprise as both teams battled to a 4-4 tie.  Yes, the Impossibles had another tie! Im starting to think their team name was spot on. Good thing in the tourney we play until we have winners!

The season long battle between the Somebodies and Firecrackers for top seed went down to the last week. Needing to win both games thanks to the tie breaker in play, the Firecrackers fell short in their first game as mentioned vs the Grasshoppers. Somebodies take #1 seed by a slim 14-13 runs scored in their head to head matchup as the teams split their series.  Fitting for these two very good teams.



******************Won   Lost   Tied   Pts

Somebodies       10       2       0       20

Firecrackers       10       2       0       20

Grasshoppers      7        5       0       14

Cubby Bears       6        6        0       12

Dynamites           4        7        1        9

Impossibles         2        8        2        6

Sixers                 1       10       1         3



CT 1…Sixers vs Firecrackers (home)

CT 2…Impossibles vs Grasshoppers (home)

CT 3…Dynamites vs Cubby Bears (home)

BYE (INTO FINAL FOUR)…….Somebodies


* Final Four (Teams To Be Determined) @ 6:40pm approx

* Finals (Teams To Be Determined) @ 7:20pm approx








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