Theoretical Winners!

Diversions just ran the second test of our new “not-a-poker” game called the Blind Draw Run.  If this were an actual contest, the theoretical winners would have been: Kent Miller with a score of 183 and high tie breaker of 84; Tom Finochio, score  of 183 with a low tie breaker of 49; Kathy Keller with a score of 179; Les Kimmel with a score of 166; and JD White with a score of 160.  The lowest score would have been Cheryl McCullough.  But none of this matters because it was a test …no prizes…just the glory!!  Ice Cream treats were enjoyed by everyone.  We had a great time and hope y’all show up for the next actual game of Blind Draw Run with real prizes and everything!   Keep an eye on TWR Times and your newsletter to find out when we’re playing again.

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