Run towards what is good and from what us evil!!!!

“Let love be without hypocrisy. Abhor what is evil. Cling to what is good. Romans 12:9

The meaning of the word abhor is to regard with disgust and hatred. In other words we are to hate evil, however just the opposite is true of the word good. We are to love the things that are good. So according to the Word of God we should run from the things that are evil and run towards the things that are good. But the problem is who determines what is good and what is evil. In the days which are long gone it was a little easier to determine what was good and what was evil. But today those lines are not so clear between good and evil. For example what is evil to one group will be considered by another group as perfectly acceptable. The problem is that because we all are flawed and imperfect none of us can set the standard for what is good and evil. Nor can we make enough laws to govern what is good and evil because the concept of good and evil in our society is constantly changing!!

Therefore the only true standard for good and evil is the Word of God, which is unchanging and a perfect standard! What was evil or good a 100 years ago according to God’s word is evil or good today because God’s word is never changing. No matter how good a person is no one ever leads a perfect life, which is not true of God who is Holy. Therefore He is in a position to set the standard for what is good and evil. We should live by the standard God has set clinging to what He says is good and running from what He says is evil. If we will live by God’s standard our lives and those around us would be much better, therefore learn and live by the Word of God and you will be much safer and happier!!!!! An Everlasting Word!!!!

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