Destination – Lady Lake, Florida

Its October and my chance to scare you with the story of The Haunting of Rolling Acres Road. Its our Florida.

Rolling Acres Road crosses highway 441 in Lady Lake, and if you turn East on it, you will be disappointed. It runs through a populated area of ordinary residences and businesses-nothing weird at all.  But in the other direction, the scene is a little different. The road goes up and down rolling hills and eventually passes through a wooded section just before crossing a main road and coming to a dead end. A local man told of “Halloween yarns”  about seeing ghosts on the road and hearing strange noises in the woods. The story seems to have a firm footing in Florida folklore.

Michele 1979- “In Lady Lake, there’s a ghost lady who walks along Rolling Hills Road at night; terrifying sounds come out of the woods. The story is that her name is Julie and that she was murdered by a jealous lover after she decided to marry another man. Now she walks the road at night.”

Tim – “You won’t hear anything unless you park your car and turn off the engine. Then roll down your windows and you can hear sounds like banshees in the woods. One dude went out there and said they saw a woman dressed in white or glowing, and it was like you could see through her.”

ghostbusters: “Our ghost group went there to check this out. The car we were in stalled. It took better than ten terrifying minutes to get it cranked and the entire time we hear roars coming from the woods.”

Authors note: I don’t wanna say this out loud but while writing this article, my computer mouse refused to work! Which of you is brave enough to try going to Lady Lake in the dark at night?  If you do, please let me know cuz I’m not going!

Source: Weird Florida, Charlie Carlson, Sterling Press NY 2005



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