A Few More Reading Pals Needed

Help These Little Ones Succeed

Reading Pals is a function of the United Way.  Its purpose is to work with kindergarteners who need a little extra help with reading so they can keep up with their classmates.  Once a child falls behind in reading skills, it is very hard for him to catch up.

These aren’t necessarily learning disabled, autistic, or retarded children.  Sometimes it’s just that they are younger and more immature than their classmates.  Some of them are bright enough, but have had NO experience with books at home.  They need just a little boost to help them catch up.

A Reading Pal works with two kindergarteners at a time, for 30 minutes.  Then two other children come in for their half hour.  The classroom teacher assigns the kids, and you will normally keep the same children for the whole school year.  All books and support materials are supplied in the big white Reading Pals box.

The only school in Sebring to participate this year is Memorial Elementary.  Reading Pals are needed for Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Generally you work just one day a week.  The hours are 1:00 – 2:00 PM.  Retired teachers are welcome, as is everyone else!  No experience needed, just a love of reading and a willingness to help the next generation succeed.  You do have to pass a security clearance before you are assigned a classroom.

For information contact Sylvia Palmer.
Sylvia Palmer | ReadingPals Program Manager | United Way of Central Florida
PO Box 1357, Highland City, FL 33846 | o 863.648.1500 x.278 | f 863.648.1535 

Her email is:   sylvia.palmer@uwcf.org



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