Petanque Tournament

It’s That Time Of Year

It’s that time of the year again! The tent canopies go up, the BBQ gets fired up offering the aroma of sizzling dogs, and 64 players made their way to the Petanque Courts (on the first Saturday of each month), for the always anticipated tournament.

A sprinkling of our northern friends have arrived back, signalling the beginning of their yearly migration back to Tanglewood.  Good friends with welcoming hugs and handshakes around, good fun and good eats! Speaking of which…. a big shout out to our Petanque Grill Team led by Sharon Lambiase and Dick Hale for grilling up those dogs just right.

In tournament play, each team has a 2 game guarantee with brackets being decided by results of the first round of games. Win and your team stays in the ‘A’ bracket, lose in the first round and your team moves to the ‘B’ bracket. All following rounds after the first round then become ‘sudden death’. Simply put, lose and your team is out.  BUT…..don’t forget those hot dogs AND 50/50 drawings. Just ask Ruth Ann Yantis and Jerry Donaldson who were our draw winners, it pays to play.

Dick Hale and Greg Plank set the wheels in motion at 9am with an air temp of 84F, a 7mph breeze out of the East, and a somewhat stiffling dew point. In the end, and after 4 rounds of play our ‘A’ and ‘B’ flight champs were crowned.

The ’A’ Flight Champs went undefeated all day winning the title game 13-11. Congrats go to Pam Pelletier, Mella Wells, Ray Demyan, and Chuck Doolittle. Great play all day, nice going!

Our ‘B’ Flight Champs were also involved in a tight finals matchup edging out their opponents 13-12. Congrats to Patti Weidner, Colleen Schenking, Wilburn Harris, and Daryl Warttig.

The Petanque Committee would like to thank all the players AND all those who helped with preparing the courts, setting up and the tear down of the tournament essentials.

Daily play continues on a pick up basis at 9:30am each day until it cools down some and then will switch to afternoon play. Watch for further details in the near future.

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