Thank You Tanglewood for helping to aid hurricane Michael’s victims

How it all started:

It all started with a call to help those devastated by hurricane Michael in the Panhandles by Pastor Bill from Tanglewood Community Church on Nextdoor Tanglewood and then on Twrtimes (  Many Tanglewood residents answered the call quickly.  Jack Nelson got in contact with someone he knows from U-Haul and they agreed to furnish a truck one way for our deliveries.


Supplies that were delivered to the staging area











Ellen Nesbitt, who was away, talked to Deeter Rhoton and said we could use her garage on Fancy Free Drive to store everything and act as a staging area.  Many people volunteered to man the staging area at various times so everyone could bring their donations.  Things moved fast and Tanglewood residents gave food, supplies and money to help those in need as others had done for us during hurricane Irma.  Many volunteers helped load the truck and picked up additional supplies from the Presbyterian Church in Sun N’ Lake.

U-Haul truck used to handle all the supplies going to Panama City Beach Florida

People that helped load the truck











The donations to help those in need are still coming in and are about $2,300.  If you would like to contribute, please make your check to Tanglewood Community Church or cash in an envelope marked for hurricane Michael relief fund and drop it off Pastor Bill Burnham’s house at 2107 Bayside Drive, but call his cell at 770-354-2634 to verify he or Cheryl are there.  If you attend Tanglewood Community Church just drop off any money or check in an envelope marked for hurricane Michael relief. The money will be sent to Habitat for Humanity International. There have been so many of our Tanglewood family that helped I can’t begin to list them all.  You know who you are and we thank each and every one of you.  Thanks to those who sent pictures to be included in this article.

Damage the Truck passed in Panama City Beach, Florida

More damage the the truck past in Panama City Beach, Florida








The Trip to Panama City:

Tanglewood’s Relief Caravan to help those devastated by hurricane Michael left Tanglewood at 5 am Monday, October 22 to head to Panama City. Eight men who went were: Pastor Bill Burnham, Eric Hurst, Dana Silva, John Nelson, Bill Phillips, Rich Havenar, Steve Batey and Sam New. They alternated driving the U-Haul truck and other cars to get to their destination in Panama City Beach, Florida at 1616 Alison Avenue; “The Light House Church” where they delivered our supplies to CBN Operation Blessing. Please note that the church itself was totally destroyed. After unloading the needed supplies, and a quick meal our neighbors left the truck at a U-Haul location and back to Tanglewood they came again alternating drivers so they could be back home as soon as possible. The complete roundtrip took well over 20 hours but they all felt it was a great and successful relief/mission trip.

The Light House Church the supplies were taken had been destroyed by the hurricane

Staging area infront of damaged church where our supplies were taken










Our Tanglewood family thanks all that contributed supplies, money, time and prayers to this endeavor.

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