Need help getting groceries?

All of us need help sometime.  And for those living alone it can be serious.  I just tested Walmart’s online grocery shopping app and it was so EASY to use.  When I completed my order, I could chose the time I’d come to pick up my order…it was FREE.  I was directed via email to come to follow the orange signs (which were painted on the building and HUGE).  A drawing showed me where to park in the orange spaces on the side of the building. When you pulled into the space, a sign directed you to call the 863 number and they brought my groceries out and put them into my trunk. And the gentleman would not accept a tip.  It was EASY.

If you are more immobile and can’t go get them, do the order thru and choose Walmart for your store of choice.  They’ll pick up your order, bring it into your house and unpack it.  $10.  This is important information for those in our community who might need help once in a while.

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