Radio Days – A Trip Back In Memory

Some of us are old enough to remember the old radio serials.  Others aren’t, but have heard the stories of Fibber McGee and Molly and the Bickersons.

Broadway Lights Theatre Company worked very hard to re-create those two stories, plus Duffy’s Tavern.  The set was very professional,  thanks to Norma Evans, the designer.  Costumes were coordinated by Peggy Scefcyk, including some which were borrowed from the Highlands Little Theater.  Even the singing commercials were done live, by Bob Leonardo, Billie Pimentel-Lopez, and Judith Eckstein.   The pianist was Marianne Jones, and Tom McKeever was the announcer from the Columbia Broadcasting System.  Sound and lights were handled by Ken Kabet.

Starring in Duffy’s Tavern were Craig Whitmore, Kenny Moore, Rody Toth, and Reggie Maxon.  The Bickersons were portrayed by Herb Long with his impressive snoring and Lois Eberly, and supported by Judith Eckstein, Lloyd Vollmuth, Bruce Eberly,  and Donna Scorse.  And the Fibber McGee and Molly show starred Lloyd and Sue Vollmuth, and featured Donna Scorse, Kenny Moore, and Tom McKeever.   Fibber McGee’s famous closet was handled by Daryl Patrick, who did all the sound effects for the evening.

This production marks the world premiere of this incarnation of Broadway Lights Theatre Company,  and more events are planned for next year.

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