Light Up Tanglewood!

Light Up, Tanglewood!

What a fantastic evening!  The atmosphere was festive as parking attendants strategically guided golf carts filled with revelers into the bash area.  Picnic tables were set with partying in mind, and even Mother Nature pitched in for a wonderful, celebratory evening with the Outdoor Decorating Committee, at the LIGHT UP TANGLEWOOD Bash on Saturday night. A celebration and party it was as TJ and the Cruisers quickly got the partiers in the mood, filling the dance area and more, as they rocked some of our favorites.

Outdoor Decorating Committee Chair, Jan Carbaugh took to the stage welcoming all and got the evening off on the right foot, laying out the agenda and timeline for the 8pm ‘light up’. Jan then introduced Frank and Penny Irilli who like Jan and hubby Jim, are as hard working and dedicated as they come…the heart and driving force of this committee, and community I might add.

Penny welcomed and thanked the sponsors in attendance, (HTA-Park Manager) Tammy Martin; (HTA-Maintenance Supervisor) Isaac Fernandez; (Heartland Skin Care) Jennifer Wolf; (Four Star Homes) Pete Blake; (Florida Mobile Home Sales) Joyce Boivin, Tivus & Deanna Bell, and Cindy Reiss; and (Mobile Home Depot) Brad Haslip. Penny also gave a heartfelt thank you to Hometown America for ALL their help and financial support.

Special recognition to HTA staff Isaac Fernandez and Mike Woods for their ‘above and beyond’ the call of duty assistance, whenever and whatever they were asked, and received a well deserved rousing applause. Mike swimming with the gators and snakes all day to set those beautiful ‘floating’ trees in place, while Isaac was paddling the boat with a shovel!!!  Are You Kidding Me??? Thank You Isaac and Mike.

After Committee members were introduced….all 42 of them, they scattered in all directions to the 16 other locations to plug in the lights. From just a handful of members a few years ago to 42….WOW! Over half of the members are not only new to the committee this year, but are also new residents to the park. Good on you and thanks for jumping right in!

Did I mention 50/50?  Just ask Ann Sullivan about that, she won $211. The ODC thanks all who supported the evening….I’m betting Ann thanks you too!

Speaking of 50/50 and fundraising, 3 seasons ago the ODC decided it was time to LIGHT UP TANGLEWOOD. A small group of ‘founding’ members came up with some ideas to beautify Tanglewood, and more importantly, HOW to raise the funds to achieve their goal. Money was scarce, the cupboards were bare. Well….See all those awesome banners around the Circle and all roads leading to it??? Yep, the Outdoor Decorating Committee with a brilliant idea to not only promote the Tanglewood Committees and other notable groups, but also to raise much need cash. The Tanglewood Cookbook, Tanglewood Friends, Raffle for a Cruise on Lake Jackson, the Christmas Hats and Light Bulb Sale, and various other raffles…..yep, the Outdoor Decorating Committee. All funds after expenses go directly into purchasing more equipment.

Trees around pond

The first season they started with 36 trees they constructed and placed around Regatta and Crane ponds.  Those trees along with 35 wreaths was all there was in the first year. In the second year they added more trees around the ponds, and then wrapped all the trees in the bash area with lights, which they now call with affection, THE FOREST.

In season 3 the ODC have placed 12 pvc trees on Crane Pond, 38 pvc trees near the 27 front gate, which is called ‘Christmas Tree Lane’, placed 50 trees around Regatta Pond, and placed 24 trees on Tanglewood Parkway, in two different locations. That’s 124 constructed trees! To accomplish all this the ODC needed to seek out sponsors.

The ODC have used 348 strings of lights, 2300 feet of extension wire, 2000 feet of red ribbon, have hung 64 wreaths and wrapped 52 tree trunks, all of course on 20 timers. The ODC thanks the generosity of Gene Wellbaum & Karen Phillips, Jake & Carolyn Jalbert, Bob & RoseAnn Clarke, and Patrick & Christine LeCroix for the use of THEIR electricity to power lights and trees in certain areas.  Thank You All!

The Outdoor Decorating Committee is indebted to Hometown America for supplying the poles needed with electricity at THEIR expense to power all the lights. Again, the pond lights would have been impossible without the help and support from Hometown America and staff.  Thank You Hometown America!

Tanglewood has always reached out to local business in and around our community for support now and in the past. Our sponsors have always been there for us, SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS!  The ODC would like to gratefully acknowledge the following sponsors….



Hometown America

Alan Holmes

Keith LaGrow



Dr. Michael Lamp, DDS                     Stephenson-Nelson Funeral Home

Dr. David Willey                                 Mobile Home Depot, Inc.

Stone Law Group                              Florida Mobile Homes

Miller Central Air                                Musselmans

Bugs-Bee-Ware                                 Wells Insurance

Curb-N-Space                                    Brooker Fence Co

Blinds ASAP                                      The Bulb Bin

Southwood Garage Doors                  Robbins Nursery

Absolutely Cool                                  Four Star Homes

Heartland National Bank                    Sunny South Exterminators

Heartland Skin Care                           Family First Insurance

Cruise & Tour Supermarket                Heacock Insurance

Bucci Eye Care                                  Edward Jones

Good Shepherd Hospice                    LaGrow Irrigation

Preserva Physical Therapy                Steve Bond Insurance


The Outdoor Decorating Committee through their hard work, great ideas and dedication are beautifying Tanglewood.  This committee has LIT UP Tanglewood long before they ever ‘flipped’ the switch on Saturday night!  Help them keep up the good work.




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