The Card Boxes are Up

Close Up

You know it’s December when Billie puts out the Christmas Card Boxes.  For you newcomers, this is our method of giving and receiving holiday cards within the park.  Without paying any postage!

The boxes are located in the back corner of the Clubhouse (pool side).  They are divided alphabetically.  It’s strongly suggested you write the recipient’s name ON THE TOP of the envelope instead of the middle, to make it easier to rootle through the stacks of M’s and S’s.  Within each letter division, the cards are just deposited, you don’t have to alphabetize each envelope in the rack.

Once you’ve placed your outgoing cards in the proper slot, pick up your own.  And then come back again a couple times a week to  pick them up again.  By Christmas Day the boxes are jammed full, so if we all keep collecting our cards frequently, that’ll help us all.

(Editor’s Note:  You all have a great Christmas, Hanukkah, Boxing Day, Kwanzaa, and St. Stephen’s Day.  Or there will be a reckoning.)

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