Sounds of the Season (Part 1 of 6)

Sounds of the Season Part 1 Angels we Have Heard on High Luke 2:8-18

Theme: The savior God promised has come for all!

Introduction: It would be hard to imagine a world without Christmas, especially one without our favorite carols. However, it’s easy to recognize that not everyone celebrates Christmas for the same reason. So, we should be thankful, that we have Christmas carols to remind us why we celebrate and to help us praise God for keeping his promise to send a Savior to all people. This is the same Savior whom we celebrate today and His name is Jesus! He is the reason for the Christmas season!  Over the next several weeks, I want us to examine the stories and meanings behind four of the world’s most loved Christmas carols!  I pray as we look into “The Sounds of the Season” this will not only give each carol new and deeper meaning to us as we sing them…But, also keep us focused on sharing the reason for the season, which is the celebration of Jesus coming as our Savior! (Our first carol is…The French carol known today as “Angels We Have Heard on High,” and it is completely anonymous (we don’t know who wrote it). This carol finds its biblical basis in Luke’s gospel (Specifically -2:14)  This beautiful carol tells the story of Christ’s birth, when the angels told the good news to nearby shepherds on that first Christmas night…

Conclusion: When we think about God’s amazing gift of a Savior to mankind on that night,

  1. We should glorify and praise God like the angels did!
  2. And, whether in spoken word or in song, we should spread the word just as the shepherds did on that incredible night after they had seen the newborn King.

And through our words and actions, we can show that Jesus still lives in the hearts of man. So, this Christmas season, and all through the coming year, let’s continue the angel’s message. And let’s tell the world all about Jesus, the Savior who has come and how like those shepherds, He’s changed our lives forever.

Due to technical difficulties the sermon was not recorded on December 2, 2018

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