Got Blood? Give Blood!

Be a Hero, No Experience Needed

It can’t get any easier than this to save some lives.  The Big Red Bus will be parked at the Clubhouse on Wednesday from 9:00 until about 3:00.  You just sign up in the Blood Drive Bus book above the credenza and show up.  Check in with Artie in the lobby.  He’ll send you in when the time comes.

Inside the bus, you have your blood pressure taken and your iron count measured (no needles here yet).  You fill out a medical history form and go lay down on the couch.  A half hour later, you’re done.  You pick out a drink and a snack and go sit down for a couple minutes.

Later, your pint of blood is given to up to three patients in Highlands County hospitals.  This pint might be the tipping point of saving this  person’s life.  Cancer patients, burn victims, and accident victims need blood every day.  And as everyone knows, human blood cannot be manufactured by anything other than human  beings.  If you’re afraid your donation won’t be acceptable because of certain medications you’re taking, go and ask.  It doesn’t cost anything to try.

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