Let’s Talk, Tanglewood!

December 26, 2018

Representing Tanglewood: Tammy Martin, Billie Pimentel Lopez, Gary JnPierre, Candy Bennion, Isaac Fernandez and Jay Etherton.

There were 67 individuals present from Tanglewood community.

Tammy started off the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.

Tammy read the capital updates completed in 2018:

150 new chairs for the community and craft rooms

Acoustiblok fencing for the pickleball courts

New furniture for the veranda at the Clubhouse

New truck for maintenance

New chipping and putting greens, installed

New tank less water heater installed, RV Comfort Station

Duct replacement, Clubhouse system 3

New 4-ton A/C system installed, Clubhouse/Community Room

Walkway through Tanglewood Circle

She then announced the future dates in 2019 for the Let’s Talk Tanglewood

They will be on the 4th Wednesday in each quarter at 2 p.m.

February 27th

May 22nd

August 28th

November 27th

The following discussions then began of many different topics:

Question was asked about the Road Work: Gary replied that Phrase 3 will start in 2019 and repairs in Carefree will be part of Phrase 3.

A lady said she didn’t want to know what had been done in the community but what was going to be done.

A gentleman asked the question about the security of the community.  He said more and more bikes and golf carts were being stolen out of locked garages.  Gary replied because of the largeness of the community it would take a security staff of 200 or more to be able to secure the community.  But Gary said we were the safest community in the area!

Lady asked how many cameras we had at the gates.  The answer was given that there were cameras at each gate to take a picture of the vehicles coming in and a camera also taking a picture of the vehicle’s license plate.

Gentleman asked if the RV storage area could be upgraded so electric and water would be more available.  Tammy said she would add that to the list and try to get some answers.

Gentlemen made a comment about the rent going up every year and the rent being used for other communities that are owned by Hometown America while the Tanglewood community from his observation was going down!  Gary’s answer was that our community is the most beautiful in the area.  He said he hears that all the time but when he asks for examples no one gives him any.  The gentleman replied that, yes, the community was beautiful and he enjoyed the residents of Tanglewood and living in the community, but he thought our rent should be used for our community and not the other communities owned by Hometown America.  He said that at the rate the rent was going up that in five years he would be forced out of the community even though he had a good retirement.  He said he owned two Time Shares at Cocoa Beach and they have not gone up on their fees in years because there was no need to.  He felt our rent was going up just because they could and that he did not like having to pay taxes on property he didn’t own.

A lady then stood up and gave 5 examples of how the community has gone down over the last few years.  Gary’s reply was the examples were bogus.

Another lady stood up later and agreed with some of the examples and Gary said he would look into it.

A gentleman shared that a light that was out now is on all the time.  Tammy replied they only check the lights at night.

A lady asked about new picnic tables for the common area.

A lady asked about how many times Sun N Lake security checks our community.  Gary called on a gentleman who worked for Sun N Lake.  He stated we pay taxes to Sun N Lake, but we were not getting the service we are suppose to get.  He said you may see a Sun N Lake security truck, but not very often.  Tammy said she was going to look into it.

Gentleman stood up and said if we wanted security, we needed to say something when we saw something, but we should not confront anyone who is in the community who is not supposed to be here, but to report it to the police.

Lady mentioned the electric sign is not updated because the sign has events that are two weeks old or older.  Billie replied it was very time consuming and she did the best she could do to keep it current.

A gentleman suggested they hire a part time person to come in every week on Monday to update the sign which would not be a great expense.  He suggested that as the work load increased, they needed to add personnel, otherwise the community would go down in appearance and services.  He said that was Leadership 101!

Tammy mentioned they were using a new product that is keeping the pool warmer.  It has been keeping the pool temperature at around 80 degrees except for one day.

A lady stated she had lived here 18 years and she had seen a lot of changes since Hometown America had taken over from John.  Now Gary has to get approval from Hometown America before anything is done except normal upkeep which makes everything harder and longer to accomplish.

Jay spoke to how nice the community is compared to other communities.  He said because it was so nice there have been 83 homes sold by the Hometown America group this year.  He also said the prices of the homes in our community were going up.   He mentioned that Hometown America has 58 communities!

After Jay spoke the meeting was closed.

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