Oh Glorious Music!

What Did I Miss This Time? 

Bob Leonardo was blown away (pardon the pun) by their instrumentalists.  Grammas loved the children’s choir.  I stayed after the program just to hear more from their talented piano accompanist.  And everyone in the diminutive audience was enthralled by the three young female vocalists that were among many highlights of Saturday evening’s performance. 

By now, you’re saying, “OK, what did I miss this time?” 

Well, it was an hour long musical presentation by members of the Filipino American International Seventh Day Adventist Church of Avon Park.  Billie had received a call from one of their representatives offering to come to Tanglewood for a performance.  She immediately accepted the invitation and arranged refreshments that would be provided by Hometown America.  And the rest – as they say (whoever “they” are) – is history. 

The Church has a membership of about 150 from Avon Park and surrounding communities.  Each Saturday’s service draws about 100 folks of which about 75% participate in their music missionary work.  Following a typical church service, they divide into 5 groups and visit area adult and nursing homes to lift the spirits of their residents through music. 

So, if you missed this performance, never fear.  They will be back next year.  Watch your newsletter for advanced notice. 

For those who were there – Weren’t they great! 

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