Christmas Decorating Contest Winners Named

It was a tough choice, figuring out who from your neighborhood deserved the prize for Best Decorations for Christmas. Many votes were cast, and today at Monday Coffee the winners were named.  Alan Holmes donated nine generators, one for each neighborhood.  We thank him for his continued generosity and good sportmanship.
And the winners are:

Bayside:  Howie and Lynda Palmer, 2604 Lazy Days Lane
Big Sky:  Edilma Thornburg & Lester Lob, 3152 Going to the Sun

Winners and Alan Holmes

Carefree: Irene & Steve Sykes 1075 Celebration
The Circle:  Andy & Donna Doyle, 1562 Tanglewood Circle
DreamCatcher:  Ken & Nancy Miller,  4104 Smoke Signal
Outback Homes:  John & Kathy Rose,  901 Antelope
Outback RV’s:  Bill & Sandy Lewis,  727 Elephant Walk
Whistlestop:  Jan McMellon,  2832 Whistlestop
Wildflower:  Jerry & Judy Donaldson, 1683 Primrose

The Outdoor Decorating Committee thanks all who participated in the contest.

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