TMAC Minutes November 2018


Committees gave their reports.

Billie, Keys to the Refrigerator will be replaced.

Bruce – Items are being taken from the Frig and the Kitchen. We need new keys or system to get into
the Kitchen that can not be duplicated.

John McKinney –

1. Safety Deposit box should be purchased
2. Attorney is fixing the Bylaws
3. Retainer expense needs to be sent to him of $825.00

a. Motion made for items above
b. 2nd by Jay
c. Board approved

Bruce- Officers and Directors Insurance premium due.

Motion made by Jay Etherton to approve
Second by Steve Batey
Board Approved

Person? – Remodel the Kitchen Fundraiser.

Set up a committee to make decisions as to what should be purchased.

Bruce – Christmas tree decorations.

Adjournment –

Shirley Kabet made the motion, Steve Batey made the Second…Adjourned!

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