Coffee Sponsor, January 14

Today’s Monday Morning Coffee was sponsored by Alan Holmes, and old friend of Tanglewood.  His official message was about balancing your financial portfolio to Minimize Risk and Promote Growth.  Unofficially, he gave away another truckload of generators.  The winners’ names were drawn from a soup pot.  Congratulations to:

Berniece Vermette, Daryl Warttig, Harold French, Bob Kuchinski, Tom and Joyce Finocchio, John Pesula, Paul Fournier, Margie Freirichs, Mary Ruane, Jim Ramsey, CB Engleman, June Wozniak, Artie Nichols, and Rosemary Robinson.

Alan Holmes is a proud supporter of the TWRTimes.  See his ad circulating on and off the Front Page.

Editor’s Note:  Alan spoke about not wasting time, neither in financial planning nor in personal relationships.  He used his mother as an example of the latter.  When it’s too late, it’s too late.  Alan Holmes’s mom passed away yesterday (Monday) afternoon.  

Alan Holmes and the Winners

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