Blind Dates Are Ready And Waiting!

Have you ever gone on a blind date?  Did you have a good time or was the date a complete disaster?  You are going to be given a chance to relive that moment in time!

Blind Date with a Book is BACK by popular demand and only available February 1 through February 28.

What is Blind Date with a Book?  Just as it says. Maybe you are looking for a little adventure.  Perhaps challenge.  Something different.  Maybe a midnight rendezvous.

Stop in the library beginning February 1 and all through the month where you will find beautifully wrapped gifts (Blind Dates).  Select a Blind Date but do NOT open it until you arrive home.

Give your blind date a chance.  Spend some meaningful time so that your date may make the best impression possible.

Once you have gotten to know your Blind Date, you have the opportunity to rate your date on the form you will find wrapped in the gift.  Do not panic, it is a very short form, mostly one-word answers, unless you wish to elaborate.  Rating your date is part of the fun.

You may have so much fun with your Blind Date, you will want to try another.  Stop in Tanglewood’s library during the month of February to pick up your date.

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