500 Years and Counting

Do the math.  There were ten Tanglewood couples celebrating their 50th wedding anniversaries tonight.  10 x 50 = 500!

The long-term lovebirds are:  Marilyn and Glenn Bradley, Gail and Ed Wooley, Becky and Gene Arth, Jan and Bill Garrison, Betty and Bob Goble, Pat and Larry Groves, Donna and Jerry Elenbaas, Cindy and John Gallenberger, Sunny and Gale Tieder, and Donna and Larry Coe.  Congratulations to all of you.

Dinner Music

Pre-party and dinner music was provided by Tom DiGrazia’s three piece combo, a very nice touch to the evening.

The celebrating couples came through the floral arch hand in hand, and were announced by Dave Napier.  The honorees took their seats up front and after a brief prayer dinner was served.  The program itself began after we all ate either chicken or stuffed flounder.

Our favorite Emcee, Tom McKeever, introduced each couple and told a little bit about their courtship, life together, and retirement interests.  About half the couples were childhood or high school sweethearts.  They were all called up onto the stage for the renewal of their marriage vows, officiated by Pastor Burnham.

Renewing the Vows

Pastor Bill’s message emphasized communication and commitment as the cornerstones of a lasting marriage.  Tom wound up the evening with an admonition to cherish each day that you’re given.  Amen!

Thanks were tendered to the many folks who made this evening a success.  The Decorating Committee for the beautiful room.  Special Meals for the food and excellent service.  Tanglewood Community Church for the service itself.  Jan Garrison

A Personalized Cake

and Sybil Holz for the wedding cake and the individual cakes given to the celebrants, MaryLee and Dave Napier for being there, the Tech Committee for sound, lights, and video, and Artie Nichols, doorman extraordinaire.  Financial Support came from Gold Level Sponsor Alan Holmes and Silver Level Sponsor Hometown America.

Video highlights of the program will be available next week, right here on the TWRTimes.



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