Chili Cook Off Results

The Diversions Committee held their first ‘Chili Cook Off’ on January 30th in the Clubhouse to a larger than anticipated crowd. Now who doesn’t like chili on a cool winter day, even if its a Florida winter day? Thanks to all who took part slaving over a hot crock pot, ladling up the chili, and the tasting and voting on the event!

Chili Cook Off Lead, Senor Bill Rulli, got the event off and running by going over the rules and then coordinated a ‘Chef’ group picture before the crowd arrived. Who were these wonderful Chefs who brought forth delicious and varying chili recipes that filled the Clubhouse with a delightful aroma???

The Diversions Committee thanks ALL our Chefs for participating and putting in the hard work showcasing their culinary talents.  Without YOU this doesn’t happen, Thank You Chefs…Al Goldberg, Julie Fetters, Jan Carbaugh, Pan Dehogues, Rody Toth, Sunny Aldridge, Marty Vetal, Larry Weix, Shirley Kabet, Sue Vollmuth, and Ginette Marrinan.

Chili Chefs

Then came the tasting……My favorite but hardest part of the Cook Off!!!  By the way, one of the many things the committee did learn, is the need in future to spread our chefs and tables apart! Thanks to all who offered suggestions to make future cook offs better, we appreciate your feedback.

Now Back to the tasting, yummmm…Personally I loved all the different ingredient tastes, degree of spice and consistencies.  I confess, I did go back pretending I couldn’t remember which ones I liked best…shamelessly guilty!

Those on hand then voted placing their 10 tickets for their favorite chili in the appropriate containers.  Here are the results……

1st Place ($25 Chili Gift Card)…..109 votes…..Pan Dehogues

Chili Master Pan Dehogues,
Diversions Chair Donna

2nd Place ($20 Chilis Gift Card).. 103 votes…..Marty Vetal

3rd Place ($15 Chilis Gift Card)… 100 votes…..Jan Carbaugh

4th Place …..85 votes…..Al Goldberg……………Scratch-off Lottery Ticket

5th Place …..79 votes…..Larry Weix……………..Scratch-off Lottery Ticket


Again thanks to all the chefs, the volunteers who lent a hand ladling up the chili and the Diversion Committee volunteers and of course the Chili Cook Off Lead, Bill Rulli.  Thanks Bill for your great idea! Bill vows next cook off will be bigger and better including the prizes.


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