Blood Drive, February 27

If you’ve been a resident here in T’Wood for oh say, eight or nine years, you’ll remember when the Big Red Bus had to visit us for 2 or even 3 days to accomodate all the people who signed up to donate.  We used to win the Highlands County Award for collecting the most pints in a year.

So, what’s changed?  There are more residents now, and more of them are full-timers.  The average age is getting lower, which would seem to indicate that there are fewer age-related illnesses.  Look at the Pickleball, Petanque, and Water Volleyball games, they are full to bursting with vibrant, active adults.

So why aren’t they signing up to give blood?  Everyone knows blood cannot be manufactured, it needs to be taken from one human to be given to another.  Each pint that is collected can help three patients of burns, cancers, accidents, and surgeries.  It’s not that you have to drive 35 miles through blinding blizzards and ravening wolf packs to reach the donation center – it comes to us, for Pete’s sake.

It’s a puzzlement, for sure.  How about we reverse this trend.  Sign up or just walk up to the Blood Center’s Big Red Bus when it parks at the clubhouse on Wednesday, February 27.  Check in with Artie in the foyer. On the bus you answer a couple health-related questions, get your blood pressure and iron checked, then go lay on a couch for fifteen minutes.  Grab a drink and a bag of chips or cookies on your way out.  You’ve just helped save someone’s life.  Maybe it’s a newborn.  Maybe it’s someone’s Gramma.  Maybe it’s your wife or neighbor.

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