Announcement: Rest in Peace, John

Farewell to a Big Man

Most long time residents of Tanglewood had the good fortune to know John Greytak.

John may have gone from us physically on Wednesday; but for most of us, our memories of him will last for many years.

John developed Tanglewood after building and leaving Buttonwood Bay; and with the help of some of our early pioneers like Bruce and Janet Ortberg and dedicated employees like our own Gary JnPierre, he built our community to be the envy of 55 and over parks all over Central Florida and beyond.

He was what I called a “benevolent dictator”, but he listened!  You could take your problems directly to him and you never came away with a doubt.  He answered you on the spot with a firm “yes” or “no.”  You may not have liked his answer, but you always got one – not next week or next month, but right then.

Always a numbers guy, if you had an idea and you could show him the  hard figures,  he made it happen!

Yet another thing that I remember as a rookie TMAC Chairman was his 50/50 approach to almost any project.  You provide 50% of the cost, and he would match it – no questions asked.

I feel blessed with having known John.  I wish all of you had had the pleasure.


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