New Tanglewood Minstrels Shine

Fabulous Night of Fun and Music

New Tanglewood Minstrels

The Clubhouse was full, extra seating was hurriedly set up, and the buzz was all good.  Not surprising, the Minstrels’ annual sing-along is always a SRO event.

Master of Ceremonies Craig Whitmore opened the night with the instruction that we were to sing when we knew the words, clap if we have rhythm, and tap our toes  if we don’t.  Since the words to almost every song were up on the big screens, the singing was energetic.  Not always on key, but enthusiastic.

Their first song has become their unofficial theme song, “There’s a Meeting Here Tonight”.  That one got  us all singing, clapping, and tapping, pretty much at the same time.  Second came the Christie Minstrels’ classic “Green, Green”.  The rest of the first half was pretty much old Gospel standards, including “Down By the Riverside”, “Amazing Grace”, “I’ll Fly Away”, and “The Old Rugged Cross”.

After a short intermission the program switched to  folk and popular music, starting off with “Sweet Caroline”.  We hooted and hollered through “Proud Mary” and “Margaritaville”, and mellowed out to Peter, Paul, and Mary’s “500 Miles” and  Bob Dylan’s “Blowin’ in the Wind”.  You want sweet?  We joined in for “Four Strong Winds”, “Today”, and “Teach Your Children”.  Soft rock made it’s appearance in “Hello, MaryLou”, “A Worried Man” and “City of New Orleans”.

The program ended with the classic anti-war anthem “Where Have All the Flowers Gone” and Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land”, complete with a couple of extra verses for the Canadians in the park.

Kudos to Marianne Jones, Craig Whitmore, and all thirteen of the Minstrels.  They will also be appearing in the Variety Show on Feb. 16 and they’ll present their (non-singalong) concert on March 2.  Watch the TWRTimes for more details, also announced at Monday Coffees.  Sound and video were handled by Ken Kabet and Ron Wortleboer.

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