Congratulations, New TMAC Chairs

At the TMAC Elections held Monday, the following people were elected to be Chairpeople for the 2019-20 season:

Bingo:  Richard Balduff
Coffee:  Jim Ramsey
Computer:  John McKinney
Country Breakfast:  Jay Etherton
Dance:  LouAnn Weix
Decorating:  Gail Wooley
Diversions:  Bob Larocque
Genealogy:  Marianne Jones
Glass Shop:  Deeter Rhoton
Library:  Charlotte Darling
Model Yacht:  Rich Mieling
Petanque:  Richard Hale
Pickleball:  Leslie Ellis
Pot Luck:  Diane Lowry
Shuffleboard:  Pat Parks
Special Events:  Tom McKeever
Special Meals:  Nola Bernstein
Table Games:  Ed Harris
Tech Support:  John Lemek
Tennis:  Gerry Humphrey
Trips & Travel:  Sharon Gilmore
TWRTimes:  Shirley Kabet
Water Volleyball:  Rose Ann Clarke
Welcome:  Sue Vollmuth
Wood Shop:  Steve Batey

We welcome all the new incoming Chairpeople and thank them for volunteering.  And we especially thank all the returning Chairs for providing continuity and guidance.  The new President and Vice President of the TMAC board will be elected on February 20.

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