McKeever/McKinney – What a Team

Tom McKeever,
Mister T-Mac

To absolutely no one’s surprise Tom McKeever was elected Chairman (or President, if you prefer) of TMAC on Wednesday.  Tom is returning after the required one year’s absence and is fully qualified to handle this year’s board.

John McKinney accepted the Vice Chair’s position.  John is a natural choice, being

John McKinney

both forceful yet tactful, and not shy about raising questions and disagreements when indicated.  Both men are hard workers AND team players,

Both these positions are for one-year terms.  The next TMAC  (that’s Tanglewood Master Activities Committee for you newbies) meeting will be on Wednesday, March 20 at 3:00 PM in the Clubhouse.  Everyone is welcome to come.  There’s always a period at the end of the meeting for Questions and Comments from the audience.

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