Tennis & Petanque Tournaments Lead The Way!

Appreciation Days Tournaments

The Appreciation Days Tournaments clicked into gear on Friday, March 1st with the first of the Champions heading to the HALL OF FAME (well ok….maybe just the Clubhouse for their awards) as the Tennis and Petanque Committees crowned their Champs at recent tournaments.

Hometown America hosts the month long Appreciation Days, an annual event, which includes a day long meal for the Community, providing entertainment for the enjoyment of the residents of Tanglewood and of course the awards for the 20 tournament events involved, held throughout the month of March.  Thank You to the Hometown America Staff for providing this fun annual event.


L-R Janet Reisig, George Vermette, and Joyce Boivin.


The Tennis group held their annual Appreciation Days tournament on Friday, March 1st.

The 13 player tourney was in a ‘mixed’ format with the 3 Champs all winning 11 games! Now, THAT’S alot of wins.

All who played and attended, enjoyed the beautiful weather and some good pizza afterwards.  Does it get any better?

Congrats to the Champs!!!! Janet Reisig, George Vermette, and Joyce Boivin.


L-R Bob Bryant, Sue Bryant, JoAnne Roy, Gil Roy



The Petanque Committee held their ‘Pick Your Team’ Tournament on Saturday, March 2, as their Appreciation Days Tourney.

Always a favorite, the Pick Your Team tournament had 96 players on 24 teams all looking to be Champs.

The tournament featured 2 different start times, some great weather and of course them hot dogs on the BBQ!

After a long day, the ‘A’ Flight Champs were crowned, running the table on all their opponents and going UNDEFEATED ALL DAY!  Congrats to the Champs!!!  Bob Bryant, Sue Bryant, JoAnne Roy, and Gil Roy.






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