The Everlasting Word, March 12

Developing a Habit of Thankfulness and Gratitude

“Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; for His mercy endures forever.”  I Chronicles 16:34

We live in a thankless world and among so many people who are ungrateful not being thankful for what they have but complaining about what they don’t have. For example the Word of God says “that each day is a day the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” (Psalm 118:24) If you woke up this morning no matter what the day holds for you it is a good day because you are alive. Therefore we all need to learn to be grateful and give thanks to the Lord for each day. We will have good days and bad days, but when you take all of our days as a whole there are more good than bad. So determine that each day you will be grateful for that day and give thanks to the Lord who has made the day.

How do we learn to give thanks and be grateful for each of our days? First, we need to practice and develop a habit of gratefulness and thankfulness. We do that when each morning we wake up we give thanks to the Lord for the day. Second, we must develop a habit of expanding beyond our circumstances. We must not just live in the normal, but live in the super normal. We do that by staying in constant communication with the Lord throughout day. Start the day off with prayer, but don’t close your prayer with an amen until you go to bed at night. That way your prayer lasts the whole day and you can check in with God as you live the day out! Third, we must cultivate a discipline and habit of giving thanks and being grateful when things go good or bad during the day. Fourth, we need to realize the power of thankfulness and gratitude on ourselves and others. We must always have an attitude of gratitude and thankfulness no matter what each day wholes for us. But most of all we must be grateful and thankful to God for all things!!! An Everlasting Word!!!!

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