Residents Experience Blind Dates

Blind Date with a Book and the month of February are now in the book for 2019.  Where does the time to?!  Several Tanglewood residents spent part of February taking on the challenge of reading a “Blind Date”.

It is always interesting and rather entertaining to learn what those daring readers thought of their Blind Dates. I thought I would share them with you all.  For instance, Judy Donaldson loved one of her dates right from the start, but the other one was a dud.  Beth Lewis thought her date looked vaguely familiar upon meeting.  She was right.  Beth had been out with her date before, but spent time getting reacquainted.

Shirley Kabet found one of her many dates to kind of mouthy, but not crude.  Another date of hers may have been good in business but personally was silly and shrieked too much.  Linda Wakefield knew almost immediately her date was not for her.  That date came to a quick end.  Janet Ortberg experienced two different Blind Dates and both turned out to be keepers.

Lois Williams had mixed experiences with her three dates.  While she did not stay up late with any of the three, she did find one a keeper, one a dud, and one that took a while to get to know.  Linda Setera’s Blind Date was so good she spent several uninterrupted hours together. She is looking forward to future dates with the same person.

Mary Kloster found her date to be an eccentric dude and one weird date.  She wished she ended the date early as her sister Betty Schleis had done after just five minutes.  Betty’s other dates did not go smoothly either.  “I guess I’ll just pick one that I can see.”

Fran Rowland did not stay up late with her date but still enjoyed a lot of good laughs.  She considers her date a keeper.  Phyllis Bucceri felt her date was just too detail oriented and very slow to get to know.  But the good news is, she is very willing to go on a Blind Date again.

Tom McKeever considered his date strange at first, but as time went on the date got better.  He considered it a keeper.  Linda Marsly found her date to be funny and charming.  She did not stay up late but would definitely try out another Blind Date.

Anonymous found her date quite intense, but considered her time was spent with a keeper.  Kathy’s date was a keeper even though she is not really interested in Nascar or thugs.  Her date had a way making their time together interesting.  Grace Ralph’s date reminded her of a dear cousin, a Lutheran pastor ministering to a loving congregation in a small, rural town in Ohio.  She had a good time with her date and looks for to going out again.

There you have it folks!  Thanks to all who participated by taking on the challenge and took time to fill out the forms.  Until next year, enjoy Tanglewood’s library, and happy reading.




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