Tanglewood Art League March Artist of the Month

Barbara Varney, Painter


The two acrylic paintings shown above, Daybreak and Twilight, represent Barbara Varney’s large format Florida landscape paintings that she typically exhibits in the Community Room Gallery. Her art is expressive, somewhat impressionistic, and she employs painterly, free flowing brush strokes. Barbara’s color palette captures the spirit of the Florida wild.

Barbara Varney’s showcase display in the Tanglewood Clubhouse features a variety of smaller scale artworks based on realism and geometric patterns. She provided a very interesting artist statement. Barbara’s story, in her words, follows.

“For the most part, I am self-taught. I started painting when I bought a paint by number set. After finishing a few paintings, I decided I would try creating my own paintings as the paint by number was tedious and I was limited in the subject matter I could paint. Believe it or not, I did learn a lot from the paint by number. I still have some hanging in my house.

I paint acrylics and oils using reference photos and pictures that are not copyright protected. I paint mostly on canvas. My painting is representational but usually not highly detailed because I like the viewer to have the freedom of using their own imagination. I like to paint a variety of subjects such as nature, animals, landscapes, florals and the occasional still life. I really like painting nature with animals. I don’t have a particular style, but I enjoy the painterly, blended, decorative, and impressionistic styles the most. When viewing a group of my paintings you may not think the same person painted them all. I don’t like to work too long on a painting, as I am likely to overwork it and get too many details.

I really enjoy creating a painting. I always go through a phase when I don’t like it and think of throwing it away. When that happens, I leave it alone for a while. When I come back it seems to look better and I decide to keep going. I am always surprised if it turns out the way I envisioned it.”


A contrast in styles: Hawk Watch and Untitled geometric composition

I’m sure you will agree that Barbara challenges herself with each painting, working in a style suited to the subject matter – striving for the appropriate look and feel!

Enjoy our Tanglewood Art League’s March Exhibit in the Community Room Gallery.


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