Golf Cart Poker Run A Big Hit!

The Diversions Committee Annual Golf Cart Poker Run went off on Thursday March 21st with literally hundreds of players heading out on their assigned routes around Tanglewood, on what was a perfect and very comfortable evening. The Weatherman did his part!

Pulling off an event like this takes much planning and many committee volunteers to make it all come together….from the initial plan, signups for players and ‘table bosses’, revised score cards, the routes and job assignments to Tech support….and dont forget that ice cream!

Diversions is a small committee but it is growing, but with events like this we need the Community, and the Golf Cart Poker Run is just that….A Community event. So….Thank You All for participating from player, table bosses and volunteers! We had our best turnout EVER with 270 score cards turned in….Great Work Tanglewood!

Golf Cart Poker is also an event where we seek out sponsorship from other Committees, so a big shout out to….the Dance Committee, the Petanque Committee, the Special Events Committee, the Tanglewood Resident Times (twrtimes), and of course the Diversions Committee. Thank You Sponsors!!!

Now on to our winners….

10th: Linda Feuerstein.. 3-5’s with Q high…$6 Car Wash (Diversions)

9th: Ray Mountjoy.. 3-6’s with J high…$10 Fairmont Cafe (Diversions)

8th: Brenda Mossbarger.. 3-6’s with Q high…$20 Havana Days (Diversions)

7th: Ron Wentworth.. 3-Q’s with A high…$25 Cash (Dance)

6th: Carol Jeter.. Straight 2-6…$25 Walmart (Petanque)

5th: Sean Moriarty.. Straight 4-8…$30 Show Tickets (Special Events)

4th: Krista Taverner.. Straight 5-9…$30 Cash (twrtimes)

3rd: Rhonda McCow.. Straight 7-J…$35 Olive Garden (Diversions)

2nd: Bill VanVelson.. Flush…$40 Watering Hole (Diversions)

1st: Regan Inch.. Full House…$50 Cody’s (Diversions)

Of course it does take a special skill to come dead last….a big shout out to Stewart Stoneman with his 2-3-4-5-8 high card won a $10 scratch ticket….let’s hope he had better luck with that!

Thanks Again All…..without YOU this event doesn’t happen!

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