What IS an AED?

Stayin' Alive?

What is an AED?  The letters stand for ‘Automated External Defibrillator’. It is a machine that can save your life.

How many Tanglewood residents have taken a CPR course in the last 5 years? 10 years? Did you know we have two AED’s here in the park?  Do you know how to use them?

In 2008, the American Heart Association (AHA) released a call to Action for Bystander Response to Adults Who Experience Out-Of Hospital Sudden Cardiac Arrest.  This advisory urged potential bystanders to call 9-1-1 and immediately begin pushing hard and fast on the center of the chest until help arrives – a technique we called “Hands-Only CPR.”

My question to those who haven’t taken the FREE CPR Class is:  Where are the AED’s located in Tanglewood?  Did you know  you are not required to have a certification to use an AED?  But, people would benefit from ‘training’ by certified instructors to know when to get the AED, and how to turn it on. All AED’s are not alike.

This is part of the training taught in the Hands-Only CPR Course offered here in Tanglewood. Sponsored by Tanglewood Community Church Health Ministry, the Certified CPR Instructors, donate their time to help teach the course using up to date AHA Materials. The equipment, purchased by the church health ministry, is used for the purpose of teaching Tanglewood residents how to perform CPR.

Tammy is looking into purchasing AED Signs to post outside the buildings where they are located to let people know of their location, as some who have lived here for years were unaware of their existence.

Residents who have First Responders experience, and others who have worked in the medical field, both in and out-of-hospital settings would agree, a person in cardiac arrest CAN be revived if those around them are trained in knowing what to do, before 911 arrives.

Most cardiac events occur in the home or outside the hospital. Even though Tanglewood is located within minutes of the hospital or ambulance service; Bystander CPR is literally a lifesaver for those who need it. The Paramedic truck could be out on ‘another run’ when you make the call for 911. It is critical if CPR is needed, that it begins within minutes of finding a person in cardiac arrest.

If nothing else, I am confident those who have recently taken the course, know how to perform CPR effectively and are unafraid to open the glass cabinet door to retrieve the AED!  The life they may save, could be YOURS.

And if you want to know what the Bee Gees have to do with CPR, come to class and find out.  Look for dates and times on the Credenza in the clubhouse within the next week.

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Pam Batey

Moved to Tanglewood in August 2016, with husband, Steve and dog, Maggie. Retired Paramedic, now continuing my hobby writing short stories and information in the "You and Your Health" Section of the newsletter. Active Member of Tanglewood Community Church.