TMAC March 2019 Minutes

MARCH 20, 2019

The meeting was called to order by Chair, Tom McKeever at 3:00 p.m. in the Tanglewood Club House. The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance. Estimated number in the audience was 24.

Roll call was taken by the TMAC secretary, Donna Scorse. The following committees had no presence: Model Yacht Club. There was a legal quorum.

February minutes were sent to all committee chairs. Minutes to approve with motion from Nola Bernstein and support from John McKinney.

Chair, McKeever, asked for committee approval for the two board appointments. Marilyn Schoppenhorst as Treasurer, and Donna Scorse as TMAC board secretary. Motion to approve said appointments, made by John Lemek, with support from Gerry Humphrey. Unanimous voice support for appointments.

Beginning Balance as of February 1, 2019: $124,596.96
Ending Balance as of February 28, 2019: $116,928.86
Committed Funds: $77,517.16
Available Funds: $39,411.70

Motion to accept Treasurer’s report from Gerry Humphrey with support from Shirley Kabet.

As a footnote to the Treasurer’s report, Marilyn stated that if each committee would like a copy of their financial status, they can see Marilyn during Monday Morning Coffee, in the mirror room.

Ms. Martin was not present.

Billie thanked the full board for their commitment. It was also mentioned that Jay Etherton, provided her with his resignation, as Chair of the Special Meals. Dennis Tewksbury was elected new Chair and Herb Long as Vice Chair.

Ms.Lopez reviewed upcoming events for the remainder of February with an emphasis on new events scheduled for the month of March. The month of March will culminate HTA resident appreciation month.

The following committee provided reports:

Next scheduled meeting is Friday, March 22nd at 2:00 p.m. in the Community Room. The annual party was held on March 12th with music and raffle. A 50/50 was held and the proceeds donated to the Faith Lutheran’s Food Pantry. One hundred eighty-three were in attendance.

The Computer Club Maintenance department met on March 8th with a focus on facets of Windows 10.

Next Maintenance meeting will be April 12th at 1:00 p.m. in the Community Room. The Computer Club meets the fourth Friday of each month at 2:00 p.m. in the Community Room.

The first breakfast of the year was held on March 16th. Two hundred ninety-seven meals were served. Currently, no change will take place in the proposed menus for the next twelve months. No increase in price will occur.

There is a renewed excitement in both the Glass Shop and Wood Shop. Cleaning and painting were recently undertaken for a successful open house held on March 10th. Over 300 people attended the open house.

Twenty are signed up for the Key West trip. The Hawaii cruise is still open. The cruise to Singapore and Dubai had twenty from Tanglewood. New “cruises” are being looked at for the new year.

Players meet four times per week on, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, from 1:30 – 3:00 p.m. Number of players; around 40. A tournament is planned for March 24th at 1:00 p.m.

Readership is at all time high. Snowbirds are consistent, when leaving here, to check the site when returning home. The annual word game for the Resident Appreciation days will be held on March 21st at 1:30 in the Mirror Room.

The monthly meeting was held on March 6th. The storage unit was cleaned and re-organized during this time. The Tanglewood garage sale was held on March 8th and 9th. A full staff volunteered and it was very successful. We have been busy making center pieces for many committee functions; along with keeping the lobby and adjoining areas changed out for the many seasons. Next meeting will be held on April 3rd at 11:00 in the Mirror Room.

The Bingo annual report was submitted to the TMAC secretary and Marilyn, Treasurer.

The library sponsored a “Blind Date” theme for the month of February. The community participation was good. Books were sold at the March garage sale; along with coffee and donuts. The financial results from both were good. Consideration will be given to the continuation of these projects.

Our recent tournaments were successful. Emphasis will now focus on our Summer Program, which will begin on April 15th and run through October 15th. Invitations are being sent to our previous players seeking their participation in the coming season. Games will continue throughout the summer months.

There was nothing to report from Table Games, as outlined by the Chair.

The final performance of the band, Toe Jam will be held on April 23rd. Our new season will consist of five entertainers, with three contracts having been returned so far. The UP spot lights that were purchased by the Dance committee have been turned over to the Tech Committee. These colored lights will be used for TMAC entertainment and Special Events. Special Meals have already used the black insulated ice buckets. The regular ticket price of $5.00 will remain in effect; except for Lee Allcorn, Paisley Craze and the NYE gala.

Sue Vollmuth will remain on as Chair, with Jackie McCabe as Vice Chair and Sharon Taboada as secretary. Four new members have joined. The new resident social will be held on April 8th in the Community Room following Monday morning coffee.

A professional DNA researcher spoke to the group. Her presentation was knowledgeable and well received. A Tanglewood resident found a half sister through DNA testing. Some of the members attended the Family Discovery Day at the LDS Family History Center in Sebring. Several new members have been added.

The ship storage unit is being looked at by John Lemek as to any repairs that may be needed, possible future use and the disposition of what is currently inside. The Tech Committee is now researching what is currently needed to bring them into the “21st Century”. That information, along with projected costs, will be presented to the TMAC Board.

Our attendance continues to grow with interest shown by our community. Approximately 50 were in attendance at the March dinner. The next scheduled dinner is April 9th.

Chair, McKeever, addressed the By-Laws and Zero Tolerance Policy. John McKinney read the benefits of adopting a Zero Tolerance, which was prepared by Donna Scorse. This document, along with a draft of the new Zero Tolerance will be sent to all Chairs. John McKinney will handle the By-Law review.

The Glass Shop, led by Deeter Rhoton, made a presentation to the Chairs for the purchase of new electrical wiring to accommodate new A/C units in the Glass Shop. The Wood Shop would also greatly benefit from this. New members have risen from 40 to 77 just in the Glass Shop.

The current A/C window unit in the shop is over 20 years old and not large enough and no longer effective in cooling. HTA has committed $999.00 to help offset the expenses. Isaac, from HTA, will prepare the windows. Palmer Electric (the only electric company that HTA will consider) has submitted a bid for work totaling $1,700.

The A/C units total $1,500. $1,000 for additional improvements will be donated by the Glass Shop. The Glass Shop, currently, has a cash balance of $4,000. TMAC has $31K in available funds, per the Treasurer, Marilyn. The Glass Shop is seeking $1,700 from TMAC.

A motion was made by Deeter to present this information for a vote and support was made by Richard Mieling. A paper ballot was handed out to all Committee Chairs for a vote.

The ballots were counted by the TMAC secretary, Donna, and the Treasurer, Marilyn. There were 23 in favor and 2 against. Motion carried.

TMAC will not hold summer meetings for the month of June, July and August.

There was no new business.

Motion was made to adjourn at 4:30 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,
Donna Scorse, TMAC Secretary

If your committee is not listed with a report, no report was submitted to the Secretary. Remember, all committee reports must be submitted in writing to the secretary prior to the meeting, or at the latest, prior to the start of the meeting. There are no exceptions.

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