Shuffleboard – End Of Season Tournament

The Shuffleboard Committee held their ‘End Of Season’ Tournament on Saturday, March 30.

(L-R) Bill Henry, Duane Wakefield, John Gallenberger, Pat Parks, and Mick Karchinski

Committee Chair and Tournament coordinator Pat Parks got the action underway at 10am sharp,  under cloudy skies and a comfy 70F with light SE winds at 7mph. Perfect weather for a tournament.

After the entrants pulled their chips to see who they play and at which court their ‘tour’ starts, Pat explained how the winners would be determined….Each shuffler plays 3 games, total wins and points counted from the games a player wins only. Ok got it!

Shuffleboard has many strategies, yet choosing the right strategy at the right time can determine how a game unfolds….much more than any luck factor, as was explained to me. I must admit I did ‘pepper’ some players during play with questions and appreciate their advice, strategy and experience with the game.

The tournament games were full of fun, many laughs and some great shots.. but in the end and after all had played 3 games our Top 5 winners of the tourney were determined. Congrats to the Top 5 Winners

1st….John Gallenberger (3 Wins…229 pts)

2nd….Pat Parks (2 Wins…144 pts)

3rd….Mick Karchinski (2 Wins…134 pts)

4th….Bill Henry (2 Wins…132 pts)

5th….Duane Wakefield (2 Wins…127 pts)


Shuffleboard plays daily at 10am, drop by and join this fun bunch and give it a try.






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