Incredibly Obvious, Odd and Quirky things about Arizona:

The oldest native American settlement in the United States is Oraibi, which was settled by the Hopis in Arizona.

The name “Arizona” is derived from the Spanish name of “Arizonac”. THAT name was derived from the Indian name “ali sonak” meaning small spring. This was the name originally given to an area near a silver mining camp near Sonora.

Arizona celebrated St. Valentine’s Day in 1912 by becoming a State. It was the last of the contiguous United States to join the Union.

Arizona is home to the Grand Canyon National Park. Not too surprisingly, the Grand Canyon is in Arizona.

The western most battle of the Civil War took place near Picacho Peak in Arizona.

Arizona was the birthplace of the last Presidential candidate born in a Territory of the United States, and not an actual State. (bonus points if you knew this was Barry Goldwater).

Arizona produces more copper than any other part of the United States. The roof of the State Capitol in Phoenix is covered with the equivalent of 4,800,000 pennies.

The State gemstone is turquoise. The official bird is the cactus wren. No one cares about the official mammal. (hint: it’s the ringtail)

The Arizona trout can only be found in Arizona. You might think that would make it the official State fish. You would be wrong (it’s the Apache trout).

In 1926 Arizona was connected the Eastern States via the Southern Pacific railroad. The Southern Pacific railroad is the largest rail network and costs $42,000 if you are playing “Rail Barron”. Prior to that time, camels were frequently used to transport goods throughout the area.

The original London Bridge can be found in Arizona. Unlike the Capitol dome, it has not been covered in copper.

In a bizarre quirk of fate, Arizona is both a right-to-work state AND the birthplace of union activist Ceasar Chavez.

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Betsey Ellis

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