Come on in to “Moving On”

Get ready for another night of free theatre entertainment brought to you by Diversions, Just Fun!  Mark your calendars for June 21st or 22nd to see “Moving On”.  Or, “What happens when you are the only person that can see the ghost of your dead neighbor?”  Performances will be at 7 pm in the Clubhouse.

There will be a 50/50 drawing and a prize raffle at each performance.  Advance tickets for the drawings will be on sale at Monday Morning Coffee starting in late May.  See you there! (Did we mention the free snack during the intermission to try and make up for those uncomfortable seats….)

“Moving On” is an original production starring Lourdes Crapo, Bob Larocque, MaryLee Cipriano, Polly Grant, and Dave Napier.

Watch this space for more information!

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Betsey Ellis

Betsey is a recovering agent of Satan (.i.e. a legal professional) now working towards a lifetime goal of becoming a perfectly sane cat lady, medieval clothing designer, and occasional playwright. Maybe even finish my doctorate.....nyah, probably not, who needs another expert in Elizabethan Law and its effect on the growth of the middle class.