Another Activity to Consider….

Low impact exercise is what most doctors are recommending for staying active in our old age.  Low impact means not putting a lot of pressure on joints (knees/hips/ankles).  So for us, walking, water exercising, yoga, and bicycling all are excellent ways to keep fit.

Bicycling – something we all know how to do.  You did it as a kid, might even have done it as a teenager before you got that drivers license.  Some of us have continued to bicycle, and here’s why.

Bicycling builds strength and stamina.  It is not an activity that you have to be really fit to even start doing.  Tanglewood has plenty of nice, flat, paved streets to ride on. And if you stay in the community, you’re never more than 1 mile from home!  There’s no stress on your hips/knees/ankles and it gets blood and oxygen flowing to all our vital organs, especially the brain.

It’s a perfect cardio exercise, burning about 300 calories an hour.  And since it will boost your metabolism, you’ll be burning calories even when you’re done cycling.  Biking is another great way to decrease heart disease, diabetes, kidney malfunction, ocular and skin diseases.  All because it increases your immune system and strengthens your bones.

You say you can’t afford a bike?  Come on. Walmart has bikes for under $80.00.  You can probably find one at Goodwill or Habitat for Humanity for even less.  We’re not talking the 10 speed with all the bells and whistles, we’re talking about just a “cruiser”.

All in all, bicycling is just about the perfect exercise.  You can do it alone or in a group (and I know there are a couple of groups right here in Tanglewood).  You can do it for as long as you want – 15 minutes or a 20 mile ride. No special clothes are required.  I do suggest that everyone wear a helmet while cycling. It has been proven to help prevent the severity of head injuries.

See you around the park!


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