Tanglewood Art League April 2019 Exhibit

Tanglewood Art League April Exhibit

We welcome you to visit our Tanglewood Art League April exhibit in the Community Room Gallery.  A sampling of the art follows:


Clockwise from TOP LEFT: Maine Coastline, oil painting by Marge Carney; Citrus Dreams, color pencil drawing by Mary J. Jones; African Crowned Crane, pastel painting by Kathie Mousseau; Sandhill Cranes & Chicks, acrylic painting by Ann K. Reynolds.

This month we feature a variety of artworks in various mediums as follows: acrylic painting by Ann K. Reynolds; watercolor paintings by Merry Mary Fulton, Carol Harry, Peggy Scefcyk, Steve Waitkus and Joyce Robbins; pastel art by Norma Evans, Carol Harry and Kathie Mousseau; oil painting by Marge Carney and Dave Parks; pencil drawing by Kathie Mousseau; color pencil drawing by Mary J. Jones; infrared photography by Merritt Wiley; and photography by Peggy Scefcyk, Roger Beauman, Ruth Phillips and Bob Clarke.

In addition to our Community Room Gallery exhibit of TAL artworks visit the Clubhouse display case. It features artwork created by Ruth Phillips, our Tanglewood Art League Artist of the Month.

Above: Bouquet, photograph by Ruth Phillips.

Enjoy your visit this month!

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