Turning the Darkness into Light (Part 2) “Christians Struggle with Pride”

Turning the Darkness into Light (Part 2) “Christians Struggle with Pride”  (Isaiah 14:12-14)

Theme: Putting away pride as a Christian

Introduction: We are all, all too familiar with (and can even quote (Prov 16:18) even if you may not know the actual biblical address: “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.” (or at least the jest of it.) We know pride is wrong, but it is still a part of the dark side of all of our lives. Pride is something that manages to time after time slip into our lives and create problems or us (in words, attitudes, pursuits). Pride can at times be subtle and unannounced. And at other times our pride is more obvious. Pride is listed among the seven most deadly sins. While all sin is wrong, some are more damaging than others. While all sin is wrong, not all sins are as deadly. While all sin is wrong, not all sins can make others as miserable as they make us. And one of the marks that we are healthy in our relationship with God is in how sensitive we are to sin and how quickly we want to rid our life of it when it enters. This is called “Turning darkness into light” In order to turn the darkness of pride into light, we must see it for the evil it really is and strengthen our resolve to resist it and rid it from our lives. To do this we must see…

Conclusion: Hannah Sabata ended her criminal career because of boasting pride. The mighty king Nebuchadnezzar was transformed into a wild beats because of boasting pride. God hates pride, opposes and resists the proud. And we know, pride leads to our fall. Because we know this we certainly don’t want it in our lives. However, God gives a warning in Jeremiah 9:23-24 But, it is not to abstain from boasting, but rather to boast in the right thing. In fact God directs us to focus on the One who is the Giver of every and anything we might have to boast about. We should boast God says, that we know Him!

Turning the Darkness into Light Part 2 Sermon May 5, 2019

Listening Guide Turning the Darkness into Light Part 2



Turning the Darkness into Light (Part 1) Christians Still Sin! (Eph. 2:1-3)

Theme: Dealing with the battle with sin as a Christian

Introduction: Many of us admire the faith and remarkable accomplishments of the Apostle Paul. The Lord used him to be a great missionary, preacher, church planter, author, and in most of our minds – “a super saint!” But the apostle Paul had a dark side. Listen to his confession (Rom 7:15-21). As we read this, most of us groan, “I can relate!” We all have a dark side! Every one of us wrestles with this everyday! If you thought you were alone (or the only one), rest assured, you are not! So, what do we do with this dark side, these struggles we all have? First, we must expose them. Simply ignoring them or trying to pretend they don’t exist is not the answer! Second, we must learn to deal with them. If we never force ourselves to see the reality of sin’s destruction, we will never be able to fully appreciate the depth of God’s love and forgiveness. This is called “Turning darkness into light” So, over the next few months, we want to take a more specific look at some of our struggles (like Paul’s ), so that we can Expose them and learn how to deal with them and have victory over them.  In spite of Paul’s struggles, he was able to overcome and be used mightily for the Lord and we can too! Let’s begin with our struggle with sin. We best deal with this struggle by asking and answering four questions… As a Christian,

Conclusion: Many of us admire the great Apostle Paul for all he was as a saint. But, like us, he had a dark side. And like us, Paul had to expose his darkness, and deal with it in order to have victory over it. And he did! And we can too. By bringing light to our darkness, we can be able to more fully appreciate the depth of God’s love, forgiveness and power in our lives.

Let’s take a minute this morning, and ask, “Has sin gained a foothold in my life, or is there some practice taken control of me?

Confess that to the Lord today and begin taking the steps we outlined above today to allow the Lord to set you free and give you the victory.


Listening Guide Turning the Darkness into Light Part 1 “Christians Still Sin!”

Turning the Darkness into Light Part 1 April 28, 2019 Sermon     (Due to technical difficulties only the last 14 minutes were recorded)



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