Tanglewood Art League May 2019 Artist of the Month

Tanglewood Art League May 2019 Artist of the Month

Roger Beauman, Photographer

Roger has been interested in the arts from an early age. He has explored various mediums and processes of creating art through the years. His showcase display features a mix of artworks that express his curiosity.

Roger continues his journey in the arts in retirement as a member of the Tanglewood Art League and the Tanglewood Photography Club. We hope you enjoy his montage of work on display in the clubhouse showcase this month.

Above: Self-portrait; above right: Exotic Tanglewood Flower by Roger Beauman

Roger provided the following statement:
“I can’t believe Marjie and I have been in Tanglewood for over 5 years now. How time flies. I joined the Tanglewood Art League shortly after we returned to our home in Tanglewood in the Fall of 2014. I dabbled in the arts, taking a pencil art class and doing some acrylics. But I began craving for my long-ago passion for photography.

After retiring and living full time in an RV, we found Tanglewood and fell in love with the park and people. I enjoyed not only the park, but all that we found here.

Nature shines here, from a plethora of plants and flowers and wildlife, to breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. I began to yearn for the capability of capturing this beauty. Then one day I found a 52-week photography class on line and decided to get back into photography.

I truly love taking photos; and with digital cameras, I get to see firsthand the results of my work – no darkroom needed.

My goal this past year has been to explore and photograph Tanglewood from nature’s perspective, uncovering what I believe to be its beauty. I’ve displayed the results of my effort to capture the beauty of nature in Tanglewood with my photo display in the clubhouse showcase. I hope you enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed taking and printing my work.”

Tanglewood’s Regalia Pond at Sunrise, Panorama by Roger Beauman. Below: Roger dramatized the palm tree photo using a digital shutter zoom technique.


Be sure to watch for Roger’s creative photography in the Community Room Gallery in the future!

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