When A Hurricane is Coming: Rules for the Clubhouse Shelter

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After Hurricane Irma struck Tanglewood, Dr. Bill Burnham, Pastor of Tanglewood Community Church, formed a Hurricane Response Team consisting of qualified and dedicated community volunteers. They have a pre-planned system to aid Tanglewood Residents when a hurricane is imminent. In case of a hurricane, our Clubhouse becomes a dedicated hurricane shelter. We accommodate our Tanglewood Residents first and also provide a room for pets. You must have your badge when checking in.

Normally, the weather service will indicate the threat several weeks in advance. If a hurricane is deemed imminent for our area, the Hurricane Response team will begin Phase 1; Set up and Registration. This normally occurs at least 3-4 weeks prior to when the hurricane is predicted to strike in our area. Information and Guidelines are listed below for your personal preparation.

No firearms, Tobacco, or Alcohol permitted in the shelter.

Admittance- to the shelter will begin no earlier than 24 hours before the expected storm. Exterior doors in the Mirrored Room, Laundry, Exterior bathroom doors and all other outside doors except for the North entrance will be locked.

The Core Group Leaders will be closely monitoring the wind speed through communication with the local police/medical and weather service. For the safety of those inside the shelter, they will determine the time frame when to lock the doors until after the storm has passed.

Special Needs Residents requiring electricity for survival, such as Bi-Pap, C-Pap, Oxygen, Dialysis, etc. should preregister with the health department to reserve shelter elsewhere. We are NOT equipped for your health needs. You must register with Local Special Needs Shelters beginning January of each year. Application forms will be available on the credenza.

All Residents please bring the following items with you to the shelter

Food/snacks and water for two days

Pillow and blankets

Medication, eyeglasses, hearing aids, etc.

Change of clothing

Toiletries- (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, washcloth, towel, etc.)

Flashlight/ Battery-powered radio

Small Recreational items- cards, puzzles, games,  books, etc.

In times of crisis such as a hurricane, Tanglewood has always pulled together, taking care of each other.  Petty squabbles are just that – petty.  The important thing here is keeping everyone safe.

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