Need Some Fun in Your Life?

Try Blind Draw, Diversions’ popular (indoor) game.  Don’t worry if you’ve never tried it before, because:  1) We’ll give you all the instructions you need beforehand, and 2) It’s a total no-brainer game.  There is no skill whatsoever involved in playing Blind Draw, everything is random so no one has an advantage over you.

Everyone can play, regardless of physical conditions.  Bring your walker, scooter, or seeing-eye goat.

The date is Wednesday, May 22 and the time is 6 PM.  You’ll want to be there by 5:45 to get registered.  Cost is only $1 to play, and since it’s a Diversions game, you know there will be ice cream afterward.

So, are you interested?  Come, give it a try.  The whole evening only takes an hour, your television and recliner won’t even cool off in your absence.


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