Bow WOW ! Guide Dogs Win Big!

Here’s a preliminary report on the Memorial Day Picnic / Fundraiser.  Final results will be posted soon.

*The picnic was the brainchild of Ruth Barron, and much of the work was done by Heather Paine.  Ambrose Brooker headed up the kitchen and clean up.
*There were 345 tickets sold for the meal.
*Artie Nichols opened the door for everyone.
*The 50/50 raffle was huge:  Nona Raciti and Dave Napier each had lucky tickets, and they took home $265 apiece.
*Alan Holmes provided three backpack goody bags for three more winners.  Contents unknown, but knowing Alan, it was something pretty darn nice.

Carol Ann and Nicholas

*Nicholas the Service Dog and his Mom Carol Ann Breton made the rounds before dinner.  Nick collected over $200 in his backpack.  Woof!
*All the food was donated or subsidized by Hometown America, Alan Holmes, and Publix.
*Sybil Holz made about ten sheet cakes and decorated each one with red, white, and blue icing and tiny flags.
*The Tanglewood Veterans did the heavy lifting, setting up and taking down some forty-two tables.
*The Decorating Committee put a nosegay or decoration on each one of those tables.
*Pastor Herb Long gave the blessing.
*All the tables were called within an hour, not bad for this sized crowd.
*The salads, chicken, and cakes were served by new resident Dee, Cheryl, Dave, Kathy, Jeannie, Peg, and Shirley.
*Joyce Boivin provided music for listening and dancing throughout the night.  For free.
*Ken Kabet was in the tech booth, controlling lights, sound, and the videos.
*Mitzi Case was our photographer, getting everyone’s “good side”.  She’ll have an album up in Picture Trail real soon.
*Last but certainly not least, Ambrose Brooker swept the floor and locked up the kitchen.

Of course we all know the reason for this picnic was to raise money to provide Service Dogs to Veterans who need them.  All money collected will be given to the Southeastern Guide Dogs,specifically earmarked for needy Vets.  An anonymous sponsor with deep pockets has offered to match all funds given before June 30, as long as they are specifically designated for Veterans.  Thank you whoever you are.

The unofficial total of all monies collected:  a wonderful $3457 !  The DOG Club and the Tanglewood Veterans thank each one of you, and hope you’ll never need a Guide Dog.

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